I'm a dork who draws, draws, draws, and coos over various things! Such as Everlark, Percabeth and Rainbow Snowcone! Seriously, they are so cute! ;) If you wanted to know all of my otp's or at the least, ships, then you'd be here all night, so I made this tumblr instead, so you don't have to be up till 1:00 AM listening to my rants. In fact, I'm feeling like this itself is kind of a rant. I should really stop talking before you press that unfollow button...So kick back your chair and enjoy all of my fails on this website! Thanks for a clickin'!

Lol well that was fun! Thanks for the ask dershanesuyu I had a lot of fun with this! I can so imagine Jack’s morning hair and voice.

So even though this isn’t a full spoon, I just wanted to do something like it, so sorry if it isn’t what you expected.

You should have asked this during RS WEEK! ;)